Scissor lifts account for almost 25% of aerial lift deaths.

Scissor lifts, also sometimes referred to as ‘MEWPs’ (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) are essential equipment for providing access to elevated work spaces. Used both indoors and outdoors, scissor lifts move only up and down, while a boom lift allows for a forward extension and circular rotation at heights.

The ease of completing elevated work with a scissor lift makes it an important piece of equipment for manufacturing, warehousing, construction and other industries. Similar to all MEWP equipment, scissor lift usage is high risk. Operator training, as well as awareness training, is important if this equipment is used at a job site. Top safety risks for scissor lifts are:

  • Falls from work platform
  • Tip-overs (from impact or wind)
  • Contact with power lines
  • Equipment collapse
  • Caught-Between

If an accident happens, these hazards mean there is an exponential increase for a more severe injury or death. In fact, scissor lifts account for nearly 25% of aerial lift deaths.

For this reason, scissor lift operator training is one of a handful of required OSHA operator trainings. Every scissor lift operator is required to be trained and certified to operate the scissor lifts in the workplace, and the operator performance be evaluated every three years.

With Safety Services scissor lift operator training, we give employees the knowledge needed to safely operate a scissor lift, which reduces injuries and incidents, keeps scissor lifts upright and reduces damage to the warehouse or job site.

How it Works:

Participants receive 2.5 hours of OSHA certified, instructor-led training focused on the “hear-see-do” learning retention model. With a written test, performance evaluation test and inspection checklist, the on-site training covers all bases. Upon completion with a passing evaluation and grade, students receive a wallet card proving completion of the course and leave with a good education on how to operate a forklift safely.

Benefits of Scissor Lift Operator Training

OSHA certification is valid for 3 years
Classes in English and Spanish
Training at the location of your choice (must have a scissor lift)
"Hear-see-do" training methodology results in 90% better learning retention

More Options for Boom Lift Training

If an operator qualification is not required, general awareness training is still a great way to teach employees the basics. Our awareness level training is available in 2 formats:

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