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The Safety Management Show:

Join our team as we talk with veteran safety professionals from industries such as construction, manufacturing, telecom and transportation. You’ll hear engaging stories about their safety management journey, the lessons they’ve learned along the way, and actionable safety management tips you can implement today.

Best Practices May Just Save Someone’s Life

It seems like a lot of the conversations today are centered around “why you should move beyond best practices,” or “why best practices aren’t enough.”


On this episode of The Safety Management Show, James Desmond, the Safety Director at Blu Site Solutions, talks all about how adherence to best practices can keep your team protected.

Shaming, Bullying, and Fatality: The Hard Moments in Safety

If you’re in environmental health and safety, jump in with both feet. Do not stick your toe in the water. Do it with all your heart.
Why? It isn’t about you. It’s about the people you take care of.


Recently on The Safety Management show, Susan Spaulding, Sr. EHS/QC Ma nager at J. Benton Construction, LLC, shared the above advice, as well as how she faced some of the hardest challenges in safety management.

Understanding the Grey Areas of Safety

You can put out standard after standard and write every safety plan in the world, but the truth is that the real work of safety happens in the gray areas.

In this episode, we speak with Josh Densberger, Corporate Safety and Training Manager for MSE Group, about how to sort out when to follow the rules to the letter and when it’s better to use common sense.

Navigating the Process of Recordable Incidents

Risks exist everywhere and unfortunately you cannot eliminate them all.

In this episode, Mark Sutton, Corporate Manager – Environmental Health and Safety at Parallel Products, shares the tips and tricks he has learned for improving safety within an organization.

System-Based Safety: The Cornerstone of Your Safety Program

It’s better to fix the systematic root of a safety hazard before you try to fix safety attitudes. That’s why a system-based safety approach, where you fix an issue through system alterations, is the best way to launch a safety program.

In this episode, we talk with Jeffrey Citrone, Manager Healt h and Safety Compliance at KAHUNA Ventures LLC, about how to go a bout implementing a system-based approach to safety.

How Collaboration with Employees Can Fix Safety Blind Spots

Safety is not something that can be solved by one person alone. It requires collaboration and buy-in from all levels of an organization.


As the saying goes, it takes a village.


Jason Damm, Health and Safety Coordinator, Metric Environmental , shares why it’s important for safety professionals to be humble and factor in feedback from others when investigating and refining safety plans.

Risk Assessment Game Changer | Safety SME

How can you develop a suite of risk assessment and mitigation procedures and implement them at your workplace?

In this episode, Darrin Anderson, Environmental Health, Safety, and Security Manager at Nesher Pharmaceuticals (USA) LLC, shares his advice for building effective risk identification assessments and procedures.

Management Systems in Environmental Health & Safety

Management systems are a great way to assess and control environmental health and safety issues within your organization.

In this episode, Jackie Baxley, Principal and EHS Practice Leader at HRP Associates, Inc., talks about how management systems work and best practices for acquiring certifications.

Revenue, Relationships, and SOPs - Being a Real EHS Leader

Companies that put more emphasis on production and the bottom line will still lose revenue because of employee safety incidents.

Having someone on board who’s passionate about EHS pays its own dividends.

In this episode, Todd Waldron, Environmental Health and Safety Supervisor at Comstock Resources, joins us for a lively conversation about being a truly effective EHS leader.