Safety Toolbox Talks & Meetings

Improve productivity, reinforce safety principles, and help meet OSHA compliance with our quick-and-easy Safety Meetings.

Safety Training Toolbox

Combine Your Training and Compliance Through Safety Meetings

Elevate your training process with Safety Toolbox Talks and Meetings! These trainings help supervisors quickly understand and implement safety measures without slowing down production in their daily operations.

Toolbox Talks

Having weekly safety talks can keep your team safe and lower your Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR). This means you can save money by preventing injuries and reducing costs from insurance, lawsuits, and lost productivity.  Limit unsafe conditions and improve your safety culture by implementing these trainings for your crew!

Our Trainings Offer:

  • Over 1,000 safety topics catered towards specific industries
  • Different language options to best fit your team’s needs
  • Sessions designed to help meet OSHA standards and compliance requirements
  • Insight and instruction to help reduce injuries on job sites

A full year of weekly safety meetings (52 sessions) to prioritize physical well-being of your team and to keep Ladder Safety as a top priority.

A year’s worth of bi-weekly safety meetings (26 sessions), ensuring ongoing education for your team on effective ladder safety practices while managing your budget efficiently.

The Multi-Year (Discounted) option provides an extended period of ongoing safety education through multiple years, offering a cost-effective way to refresh and reinforce ladder safety practices for your team.

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