Pair Safety Training and Compliance Goals with
Quick-And-Easy Safety Meetings

  • Safety Meetings are easy to read and quick to deliver, allowing supervisors to efficiently and effectively incorporate safety into their day-to-day operation without stopping production.
  • Choose from a large library of safety meeting topics that range from basic topics applicable to anyone in any industry, to highly-targeted and industry-specific topics.
  • Customize the meetings with your company’s name and logo to reinforce to your employees your commitment to ongoing safety training and to use as ongoing personalized safety resource.
  • Ensure your meetings meet the needs of all your employees — choose English, Spanish, or both!

After ordering, your meetings are mailed in either monthly installments or all at once — your choice. After receiving the meetings, you simply read one a week to your employees during a quick team meeting. The entire process takes less than five minutes and helps to ensure a safe, productive workplace.

  • Choose from over 1,000 topics
  • Safety regulation compliance in minutes
  • Audit-proof record keeping
  • Written to meet OSHA & OHS Safety Meetings standards

Call today and speak with one of our safety advisors about how best to implement safety meetings.

Subscription Options

All Subscriptions Include

• Standard format
• Compliance certificate
• Option of Spanish-translated versions

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Subscriptions

• 1 Year Weekly (52 x Safety Meetings)
• 1 Year Bi-Weekly (26 x Safety Meetings)
• Ask about our Multi-Year Discounts
• BEST VALUE = 3 Year Weekly

Why Hold Toolbox Talks?

  • Reinforce safety principles
  • Help meet requirements for OSHA & OHS safety training
  • Provide protection to your business from lawsuits
  • Minimize insurance rates
  • Ensure employee safety and reduce injuries
  • Improve productivity

Safety Meeting Samples

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