Damage Prevention Institute® Management Services

Safety Services Company can help manage your Damage Prevention Institute® account, oversee your compliance status, help get you prequalified for jobs, and more!


Damage Prevention Institute® Account Management

Damage Prevention Institute® (DPI®) is a contractor management platform that utilizes the resources of the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) to create powerful efficiencies that will reduce the rate of damages to buried infrastructures. Hiring clients are a part of this platform, which means it’s important that your DPI® account is compliant to not only unlock the full spectrum of job opportunities, but also to rigorously mitigate risks.


When you partner with Safety Services Company, we become your dedicated compliance officer, taking proactive measures to guide your organization in achieving and maintaining compliance through the management and continuous review of your account.

Our DPI® Management Process:

No obligations. We will guide you through the process, ensuring you fully understand the requirements for DPI® compliance. Afterwards, we will offer suggestions and provide a cost estimate for our services, free of charge.

Our dedicated account manager will collect all essential data, questionnaires, and documents, and will also supervise the creation of safety materials.

The account manager will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your account and collaborate with you to address any pending issues with your DPI® certification.

An integral part of our DPI® account management services involves vigilant account monitoring, where we adapt to and manage any changes in requirements with care.

72 Hours
Seventy-Two Hour Turn Around Time
Save up to $ 0
Save up to $20,000 over 650 Hours

Safety & Compliance — We Have You Covered.

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