Keep your team safe and up-to-date with the latest requirements through our digital safety management and on-demand training.

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We created SafetyConnect Learning Management System to help streamline compliance tracking, team training, employee onboarding, and report generation for contractors. Offering more than 280+ programs, including OSHA training, SafetyConnect allows teams to access courses online regardless of their location.

Why SafetyConnect?

Managers can use our website to give training, update safety records, and monitor their team’s progress. SafetyConnect makes it easy to share information with your team, whether in person or online. This helps keep your team informed and up-to-date on the latest training requirements.

Some of Our Features:

Ensure uniform training experiences for your team regardless of their geographic locations. Our application provides consistent training opportunities and creates a cohesive learning environment.

Tailor your learning experience by undergoing training at your own pace through our Learning Management System (LMS). Our user-friendly platform gives individuals the flexibility to navigate and absorb training materials at their own pace.

Effortlessly gather data on your team’s training program performance. Our user-friendly platform simplifies tracking and analysis, enabling you to make informed decisions for enhancing overall effectiveness.

We have multiple options available as add-ons for your subscription including: software-optimized DIY Training Kits, Virtual Instructor Led Training, OSHA courses, HAZWOPER training, and DOT training. 

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