Chemical Safety Management

Essential safety measures for employers in the chemical industry, ensuring crew well-being and protection.

Safety Requirements in the Chemical Industry

Workers in the chemical industry use thousands of chemicals each day. The production process, storage, refining, handling, and distribution can be dangerous for your team. Having easy access to information about hazardous chemicals is important to keep your team protected from health hazards like irritation, sensitization, and burning.

Protect your team by following OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) and using safety training kits to prevent chemical related accidents. These kits help your organization prepare and include training materials, student and instructor handbooks, tests, logs, certificates, wallet cards, and other resources. 

Chemical Safety Training Kits

Elevate your chemical safety protocols with our Safety Training Kits. Designed to empower safety managers, our software-driven kits offer comprehensive solutions for your organization’s needs and requirements. 

Training Kit:

GHS HazCom Safety

OSHA requires employers to create a safety manual and training policy for workplace chemicals to protect workers from hazards.

Training Kit:

Respiratory Safety

OSHA regulations state employers must keep workers safe from breathing in harmful things like dust, fumes, and gasses.

Training Kit:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Employers must provide essential PPE and train workers in its proper use and maintenance for safeguarding against workplace hazards.