Safety & Compliance Frequently Asked Questions

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We want to create a partnership where you feel comfortable that you are receiving the services you need. To make sure this is a good fit for your organization, we can schedule a FREE assessment to review your accounts and specific needs in order to design a unique safety plan. No obligation.

Although you may be capable of navigating through the process, the continuous upkeep of your contractor management account and keeping up with compliance can take time away from your team’s day-to-day responsibilities. We have a deep understanding of 30+ contractor management platforms, hiring clients’ expectations, insurance requirements, policy modifications, safety training, and more. We’re here to help you cultivate a safety culture within your organization.

We have been in business since 2001 and invented this service industry. What sets us apart is that our services are more tailored towards client needs out of a genuine love for people and safety. We provide a one-stop-shop experience for our clients and have a dedicated team of safety professionals to help us identify all compliance requirements. We’re always improving our services and products to keep your account up to date.

We recognize that every client’s financial situation is unique. To assist you in maintaining your budget, we conduct a thorough assessment of your needs and provide flexible payment plans. Additionally, we guarantee to either meet or beat competitor pricing!

There are a number of ways to leverage your profile in order to attract more jobs. Two ways to stand out is to include the contractor management platform name and logo on your company’s site or maintain a high compliance grade and a low incident occurrence. Our team can assist in setting up the marketing portion of your account to boost visibility online and give you guidance on how to improve your grade.

Our team can request this information through the individual contractor management platforms once we have specific details from your hiring client. The contractor management platform sets the pricing for adding additional hiring clients and there are a number of factors that can influence their charges.

The hiring client will require you to be subscribed to the requested contractor management platform to be prequalified for a job. Our team will handle the maintenance of your platform account, elevating your compliance and giving your team back time to focus on your safety culture.

Our team can review your OSHA logs for accuracy and provide recommendations on how to improve your rate. In situations where the OSHA log is accurate and the rate won’t change, we can work with your company to create a mitigation plan and submit to your hiring client for approval or variance.

Company specific incidents, levels of insurance, certifications, and verified safety policies and programs are just a few that can have an effect on the grade given. We can quickly identify what factors will affect the grade and your Client Success Manager will offer solutions to help you achieve compliance.

We’re experts in understanding when specific questionnaires are required by a hiring client. Questionnaires can include topics such as sustainability, job site location specific questions, quality assurance, and quality control. We recommend companies fill in the basic questionnaire, however requirements can change. This is where a client success manager can assist in knowing which are required and which are recommended.

You can use a previous manual, but in order to properly manage your company’s prequalification process, we want to have a full understanding of the manual that will be used for your hiring client. Hiring clients often require re-formatting and updating to meet requirements. By providing a fresh, up-to-date manual from our team, we can better maintain your account and ensure that you are always compliant within your programs. Our HSE manuals are guaranteed to pass an audit for any prequalification platform that we manage.

Contractors are able to make these requests directly, however, our team can act as a liaison between the contractor, insurance company, and hiring client. With almost two decades in the safety industry, we fully understand how to execute this process quickly and efficiently.

There are many factors that can determine which documents and policies are required. The hiring clients you work for will communicate what is necessary and changes may occur on a regular basis. Our team keeps track of these so you won’t miss a critical change, avoiding the possibility of being kicked off the job site.

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