Avetta® Account Management Services

We can help in optimizing your Avetta® account, track your prequalification status, and provide additional support as needed!


**Safety Services Company is an independently-owned company. Safety Services Company is an independently owned company, specializing in compliance with Third-Party Prequalification Providers. Safety Services Company is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with Avetta®.

Avetta® Account Management

There are many major hiring clients that are now part of the Avetta® contractor management platform. This means ensuring that your Avetta® account is up-to-date, compliant, and prequalified is essential if you wish to maximize your job opportunities and minimize risks.


When you partner with Safety Services Company, we act as your compliance officer, assisting your organization in achieving and maintaining compliance by managing and monitoring your account. 

Our Avetta® Management Process:

There is no requirement on your part. We will lead you through the process, ensuring you grasp the requirements for Avetta® compliance. Subsequently, we will offer suggestions and provide a cost estimate for our services, free of charge.

Your dedicated account manager will gather all necessary data, questionnaires, and documents, while also overseeing the development of safety materials.

The account manager analyzes and presents a full review of your account, working with you to resolve any outstanding issues to ensure you are Avetta® certified.

As a crucial component of our Avetta® services, we diligently monitor your account, adjusting to and managing any shifts in requirements.

72 Hours
Seventy-Two Hour Turn Around Time
Save up to $ 0
Save up to $20,000 over 650 Hours

Safety & Compliance — We Have You Covered.

Complete Prequalification

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