What We Do to Help You Attain Avetta® Prequalification

When it comes to being prequalified on Avetta®, we can be your “virtual compliance officer.” We work on your behalf throughout the entire prequalification process. This includes completing questionnaires, collecting and verifying documentation, and working directly with your insurance provide to make sure your certificates are accurate and up to date.

We have comprehensive knowledge of the Avetta® Connect platform. This means we know what it takes to attain a successful qualification for your company. We will look out for any gaps that may exist in your programs and custom-build the materials you need to ensure Avetta® safety compliance. Once you are fully qualified, we will even make sure that you stay that way through regular monitoring and maintenance of your account.

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We work with you to understand what you need to do, find any potential gaps, make recommendations and provide you with a free quote.


How Does This Service Work?

Start With a FREE Assessment

Our Avetta® certification services begin with helping you understand what is needed, giving you recommendations and providing you with a free quote.

We Assign You a Dedicated Account Manager

This dedicated professional will work with you to complete your data collection, questionnaires and documentation, as well as help coordinate the development of the materials for your Avetta® safety program.

Grade Analysis and Gap Review

Once the information is collected, your account manager will analyze and present a complete review of everything in your account. Any outstanding issues will be dealt with directly.

We Conduct Ongoing Account Maintenance

Our Avetta® compliance services continue after you’re qualified, with active monitoring of your account and response to any changes in requirements.

What’s Included?

Complete Prequalification

Writing and uploading complete company-specific safety manuals for meeting requirements from owner-clients and auditors
Providing an assessment of your current training protocols, along with any required documents
Eliminating any discrepancies and uploading of all insurance and statistical documentation required by your customers
Delivering a digital copy of all materials and certificates

Custom Safety Manuals and Training

Providing you with individual, specific and customized chapters
Uploading any required chapters to your account for easy access
Delivering hardbound as well as digital copies
Creating customized safety training programs as needed, either through our online platform or as “train-the-trainer” style kits

Account Maintenance

Completing scheduled review and monitoring of your account
Delivering all required quarterly updates
Writing and uploading all new and revised chapters
Uploading all required updated documentation, including OSHA logs and insurance/experience modification letters
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