Construction Safety Training

Discover our efficient safety training for construction sites - designed to tackle and prevent diverse hazards.

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Safety Requirements in the Construction Industry

Your team faces various safety risks daily, including heavy machinery operation and hazardous working conditions. Keeping compliance with Protect your team by following OSHA standards is vital for you to acquire and keep jobs.


Keep your job site safe through the implementation of Safety Training Kits and accident prevention education. Training kits can be a valuable resource that provide handbooks, tests, certificates, and more to prioritize safety measures and navigate projects confidently.


Tool Box Talks, Safety Manuals, and Labor Law Posters help equip teams with the essential tools to mitigate these hazards effectively. This streamlines preparation, makings sure teams are well-versed in OSHA regulations and equipped to meet safety requirements on construction sites.

Construction Safety Training Kits

Boost your site safety standards with our Construction Safety Training Kits. Crafted to empower job site supervisors, our kits deliver holistic solutions tailored to meet the demands of your projects.

Training Kit:

Excavation & Trenching Training Kit

Meet OSHA requirements with our Hand and Power Tool Safety Training Kit. Help ensure compliance and safety for your workforce with comprehensive training.

Training Kit:

360 OSHA Hand & Power Tool Safety Training Kit

Safeguard your team with our excavation and trenching safety kit. Our OSHA-compliant manual addresses all safety hazards, reducing workplace injuries.

Training Kit:

Ladder Safety Training Kit

Prevent ladder accidents with our training kit. 160,000 injuries occur annually due to safety oversights. Meet compliance standards  through training.

Construction Safety Toolbox Talks & Meetings

Enhance your construction safety training with our Safety Toolbox Talks and Meetings! Tailored for site supervisors, these sessions provide a detailed understanding of safety protocols, plans to improve productivity, and methods to lower incident rates. 

  • Over 1,000 safety topics catered towards specific industries
  • Different language options to best fit your team’s needs
  • Sessions designed to help meet OSHA compliance requirements
  • Insight and instruction to help reduce injuries on job sites
A team gathered around for a safety toolbox talk meetings

Construction Manuals and Posters

By updating your construction training to include Safety Manuals and Labor Law Posters, you keep your team informed with the latest safety requirements and stay vigilant with maintaining compliance. 

Safety Manuals

Empower your organization’s safety journey with our expert guidance. Our OSHA-compliant safety manuals are available digitally through our portal, SafetyConnect, or as hard copies for your convenience.

Labor Law Posters

Enhance and strengthen your team’s safety protocols by making sure your organization’s Labor Law Posters are up to date with the latest compliance requirements in the construction industry.

Additional Resources

From expert guidance to comprehensive resources, we provide the tools to elevate safety practices across your organization. 

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