Power & Hand Tool Training Solutions

Employees who use hand and power tools are exposed to the hazards of falling, flying, abrasive, and splashing objects, or to harmful dusts, fumes, mists, vapors, or gases.

To prevent injuries to employees, companies are required to ensure that all workers are trained on the use of all tools necessary to perform their jobs and are provided with the necessary PPE and safety training topics.

OSHA requirements

OSHA regulations (1910.241-244 and 1926.300-307) require that employers ensure that all hand and power tools and similar equipment, whether furnished by the employer or the employee, are maintained in a safe condition, properly guarded, and that employees are trained on the safe use of their tools.

Complying with these regulations requires companies to have a Hand and Power tool safety policy, written safe practices, and effective training that ensures employees possess the skills necessary to operate tools properly.
Providing this level of training necessitates that the company allocate resources to develop and deliver training, or use third party training consultants. Luckily, there is another solution.

Our training solution

Here at Safety Services we have developed a “Do-It-Yourself” Hand and Power Tool safety training program that is both simple to administer and fulfills all your OSHA requirements. This innovative kit features an Interactive Training Program, Student’s Handbook, Instructors Handbook, Student Tests, Training Logs, Certificates, Wallet Cards and More.

Our OSHA Hand and Power Tool training kit is a simple three-step solution that brings all your employees into compliance:

1. Classroom/online training – The first step of our Hand and Power Tool training program gives you two training options

  • A computer based training program that allows employees to navigate an electronic training program at their own pace, and then take an on-line test.
  • Instructor presentations and printable student materials that your trainer can use to deliver group classroom training, or when computer isn’t feasible.

2. Field training – The second step of training is in the field. During this part of the training, your appointed trainer demonstrates to the students how to apply the information they learned in the classroom session in the workplace.

3. Evaluation – The third step to the training session is evaluation. Through this step, the trainer either evaluates the trainees understanding of the information and procedures, and then signs off on certification, or retouches on topics that need more work.

360 OSHA Training Kit Contents

Our kit is designed to help your designated trainer by giving them information on the reasons for training, what makes up an effective training program and guidelines for presenting the material.

The training contains information on the following topics:

Hand Tools
Power Tools
Pneumatic Tools
And other topics

The training provided by our Hand and Power Tools training program meets OSHA all requirements. By providing your company with all the necessary material, your designated trainer will be able to deliver the required training quickly, easily, and consistently.

We have complete OSHA compliant safety solutions for all your needs. Call (877) 201-8923 today to speak with one of our highly skilled safety experts.

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas

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