Prepaying for gas to improve worker safety

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Mike Rich

In the wake of a gas attendant being killed in a “gas and dash” the Ontario legislature is considering a bill that would require customers to prepay for gas at self-serve stations.

Bill 124, introduced Sept. 202, would amend the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act to require gas station owners to make customers provide some form of pre-payment for gas.

The bill also have provisions permitting the creation of a regulation requiring safety for gas station attendants,  implementing the suspension of the drivers’ licence of anyone convicted of stealing gas and prohibiting employers from penalizing gas station attendants when gas is stolen on their watch.

The bill is in response to the Sept. 15 death of gas attendant Jayesh Prajapati, who while running down a gas thief was struck and drug by the culprits vehicle.

Two investigations into the incident, one for occupational health and safety and another for employment standards, reveled the gas station made employees responsible for covering the cost of stolen gas.

The bill has passed a first reading and awaits committee assignment.

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