Safety amidst Falling or Flying Objects in Construction Sites

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George Davis

Falls are among the most common hazard in construction sites. Every year, hundreds of workers get injured or killed after falling from scaffolds, windows, roofs and ladders.

But even with the right kind of fall protection system, workers are under threat by another kind of fall: falling or flying objects. By wearing hard hats or helmets and following these work practices, construction workers can be saved from this fatal risk:

  • Wear a hard hat or helmet appropriate to the kind of hazards present at the workplace.

  • Never work too near or beneath scaffolds, cranes and other equipment, structures and tools that could likely fall on you.

  • Don appropriate safety goggles or glasses, face shields, etc. in areas where tools or machines may cause particles or debris to fly.

  • Stack materials to prevent falling, sliding or collapse.

  • Install toeboards, debris nets, guardrails, screens, canopies or catch platforms to catch or deflect flying objects.

  • Prior to use, inspect all tools like lathes and saws to ensure that their protective guards are securely in place.

  • Check all cranes and hoists to ensure that their hooks, chains and other components are in good condition.

  • Never move under loads that are being transported or moved.

  • Never exceed the load ratings of equipment like cranes and hoists.

  • Place barricades on hazard areas and post warning signs.

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