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Bringing any third party auditor account to a 100% score can be a daunting and time consuming task.  Understanding the 6 Common Questions about ISNetworld® is our way of giving you a piece of free advice and hopefully aid you in effectively maintaining your account. However, we know this requires time, money, and close attention. But the benefits of properly utilizing a third party auditor more than outweigh the cons!  Below are the definition of five important terms used by ISNetworld®.

1.    What is RAVS®?

RAVS stands for the Review and Verification Services section of your account. This where you are required to upload your safety program. These programs are broken into individual sections that are requested by your client for the type of work you perform. Generally most accounts can have anywhere from 16-40 programs that need to be custom written and submitted for review. These programs have to be written to the specifications set by ISNetworld®, your client, and any other regulatory agency. We are experts at creating these programs and have the most experience with clients on ISNetworld®. With our industry knowledge we customize each program for your company to comply with your ISNetworld® account. Once these programs are submitted the ISNetworld® RAVS® team reviews the programs and verifies that they are in compliance with your client’s requirements. Safety Services Company can take care of all of your RAVS® needs, call our RAVS® Compliance experts now.

2.   What is T-RAVS® then?

T-RAVS® is the training portion associated with the Review and Verification Service for ISNetworld® Safety Services Company can help you with your T-RAVS. We can provide you with the forms, guidance on the best way to train your workers, and we upload the documentation to ISNetworld®. Contact us now for a FREE consultation.

3.   MSQ® What?

This is very similar to pre-qualification questionnaires some of the many owner clients may have sent you before you started working for them. The MSQ® however is composed of over 2300+ questions that go over your work industry, safety programs, OSHA statistics, DOT, certifications, Drug & Alcohol, and many other components. This Questionnaire is completed to best reflect your business and how it measures up to the standards set by your client. Our industry experts have extensive knowledge in completing these questionnaires based on the types of work you perform. Get Started Now so we work with you to meet you client’s requirements and expectations establishing a well-documented MSQ® that properly reflects your company.

4.    How do we train Employees on ISNetworld®?

It is critical that your workers and subcontractors understand the minimum legislative requirements regarding the safety issues in the areas they work. We recommend that the documents to be introduced and discussed in tailgate meetings, safety meetings (both onsite and corporate), during hazard assessments, pre-job and planning meetings, and at every chance you get.ISNetworld® and your upstream clients want to increase the level of safety and decrease the occurrence of accidents. The ISNetworld® RAVS® process is a facilitator to that. Safety Services Company is available to assist you with the field implementation of any new policy, Contact one of our Training Experts today.

5.   I received a ISNetworld® Letter?

This suddenly lands in your mailbox: “We are pleased to announce (COMPANY) has recently established a business relationship with ISNetworld® to further enhance our contractor/supplier management program. As a result of this action, contractors/suppliers and their subcontractors performing services for (COMPANY YOU WANT TO KEEP WORKING FOR) are required to become subscribers to ISNetworld®.”

Everyone receives this ISNetworld® Letter if you are being requested to join because of a client. We know there can be many questions as to why you received this letter and what happens from here. After receiving your ISNetworld® Letter we are here to help you through the process of getting ISNetworld® compliant!

6.   How fast can you get me compliant with ISNetworld®?

If you would do all of the ISNetworld® compliance by yourself we highly recommend hiring a full-time employee to take care of it, alternative you can take advantage of Safety Services Companies Compliance Service Specialists that are trained to maintain your ISNetworld® account for you 24/7 saving you time, money and resources.

Why let your account deteriorate and bring you unnecessary stress when you can utilize it to its fullest potential and bring in exponentially increased revenue?  Use your account to its full capacity – be safe, and make more money!

*Safety Services Company is an independently owned company, specializing in compliance with Third-Party Prequalification Providers such as ISNetworld®, PEC Premier®, Avetta®/PICS®, Complyworks® and CQN®. Safety Services Company is in no way sponsored or affiliated with ISNetworld®, PEC Premier®, or Avetta®/PICS Auditing®. ISN®, ISNetworld®, RAVS® , SSQ®, PQF® are registered trademarks of ISN Software Corporation®, PEC Premier®, and Avetta®/PICS Auditing®.

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