Heat Illness Products and Prices:

DIY Heat Illness Prevention Kit

Duration: 45 minutes

Level: Intermediate

Languages: English and Spanish

Digital: $550.00

Digital and Hard Copy: $675.00

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Description: DIY TRAINING KIT: COURSE A – This do-it-yourself training kit provides you with all the materials needed to conduct in-house, classroom-style heat illness prevention training. Materials include: Facilitator guides, student guides, wallet cards, course completion certificates, and an interactive presentation

Injury and Illness Prevention Plan Manual

Digital Delivery: $600.00

Digital and Hard Copy: $725.00

3-Year Maintenance: $590.00

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Description: MANUAL – The Injury and Illness Prevention Plan is a customized manual written to federal OSHA regulations. Pick from over 120 elective policies, such as heat illness prevention, to build a complete safety manual. Opt into manual maintenance to ensure your manual remains up-to-date when regulations change.

Heat Illness Prevention

Chapter Add-On

Languages: English and Spanish

Digital and Hard Copy: $135.00

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Description: CHAPTER ADD ON – Add the heat illness prevention chapter to an existing Safety Services Company Injury and Illness Prevention Plan manual, if this chapter was not selected at the time of purchase.

Work Environments Most Susceptible to Heat Illnesses

Any employee that conducts outdoor work in hot climates is at risk. However, there are some occupations that the BLS identified as more at risk based on 2015 nonfatal injury data. In order, these are: 

Delivery driver packing boxes into the back of his vehicle in the outdoor heat.
1. Transportation and Material Moving
Sparks fly as a glove-clad worker uses an orbital sander to grind a piece of metal in a production setting.
2. Production
Fire-rescue crew chief holds hose against a blurred fiery backdrop in a protective service.
3. Protective Services
Solar technician installs solar panel outdoors in the installation services.
4. Maintenance and Installation
Worker with protective gear looking up at construction site.
5. Construction
Building groundskeeper runs chainsaw along a bush hedge, sending leaf particles flying.
6. Building and Grounds Maintenance

If you have heatstroke, you may or may not sweat and your:

Body temperature goes above 104° F (40° C)

By ensuring we stay in compliance requirements through professional audits and maintenance of our accounts. Safety Services enables our safety staff more time in the field concentrating on the hands-on day-to-day managing safety of our employees with ease in mind.

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