Save a life with CPR and First Aid knowledge

You never know who may need help, on the job or offsite. Whether you’re looking to satisfy client requirements, or strengthen your team by adding new skills, when it comes to CPR, First Aid and AED training, you’ll want access to the most current methods, information and instruction available.

10,000 Cardiac Arrests

On average in the workplace, each year in the United States.

Nearly 45% Survival Rate

For out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims when bystander CPR was administered.

Training your crew in CPR, First Aid and AED use can be the difference between life and death, or making a serious injury worse.

How it Works

Our OSHA authorized instructors will come to the location of your choice with everything needed to conduct the training. Over the course of three hours, we teach your team the action plan when there is a medical emergency. With a focus on a combined “see, hear, do” learning style, we show, speak and have participants role play emergency situations and ask questions.

At the end of the course, your team walks away with a two-year certification, wallet cards, and valuable life skills for the work place and beyond.