Heat Stress

Protect your team from heat-stress through strategic preparation.​

thermometer at extreme levels of heat

Heat-Stress Prevention

In the ongoing battle against heat stress, your proactive approach makes all the difference. With millions of U.S. workers exposed to high temperatures daily, your awareness of the risks and symptoms plays a huge part in keeping your team heat-stress free.


By recognizing the signs of heat exhaustion and understanding proper treatment, you’re not just a team member — you’re a leader of safety.


To help you remain proactive in preventing heat-stress in the workplace, we’ve created this Heat-Stress Prevention guide for you.

How We Can Help

Safety Services Company is here to support you in protecting your team against heat-stress. We offer resources and training to raise awareness and ensure proactive prevention measures. Together, we can create a safer workplace environment.


To learn how we can help with your heat-stress prevention plan, reach out to one of our Safety Experts today.

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Training Kit:

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