New ISNetworld® Hiring Clients for June 2024

With a growing number of companies embracing ISNetworld®, it’s no surprise that many prominent corporations are also becoming ISNetworld® hiring clients.

This shift highlights the pressing need for contractors to achieve and maintain ISNetworld® compliance. Moreover, it presents a valuable opportunity for contractors to diversify their operations and explore new markets.

For contractors, this influx underscores the importance of staying ahead of compliance standards to remain eligible for lucrative contracts. By aligning with ISNetworld® requirements, contractors not only enhance their credibility but also position themselves as preferred partners for leading corporations seeking reliable and compliant service providers.

In this article, we delve into these recent developments within the ISNetworld® platform and provide essential strategies for ensuring ISNetworld® compliance. 

These insights are crucial for contractors aiming to enhance their eligibility and competitiveness in contractor selection processes.

Clariant Corporation Joins ISNetworld®

Clariant has joined the list of ISNetworld® hiring clients for June 2024

As of May 21st, the Clariant America Corporation has announced to its contractors that it has joined the ISN® network to enhance its contractor and subcontractor management platform.

Clariant Corporation, a global leader in chemical manufacturing, has joined ISN®, underscoring its commitment to sustainable practices and stringent environmental compliance in the chemical industry.

While Clariant is an international company, they have dozens of locations in the USA, including Arizona, Texas, California, and more. 

Clariant is one of the new ISNetworld® hiring clients from June 2024
Photo courtesy of Clariant

Gaining Compliance with Clariant

Contractors looking to work with Clariant should have had the following documentation completed by June 16th, 2024

    • Company Profile 
    • Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Questionnaire  
    • HSE Programs  
    • Document Submittal: Insurance, OSHA Forms, and Experience Modifier  
    • Financial Information

    Note that if you are already a subscriber to ISN® then there will be no additional fee. You will just need to ensure the necessary documentation is completed and submitted. 

    Array Petroleum LLC Joins ISNetworld®

    Array Petroleum is one of the new ISNetworld® hiring clients in June

    Another major player joins ISN®: Array Petroleum. Array is a relatively newly formed oil and gas company led by a team with experience in acquiring and operating existing production facilities. 

    They focus on shallow waters in the Gulf of Mexico and aim to grow production and reserves through operational improvements and strategic investments.

    Staying Compliant with Array Petroleum 

    Contractors may have the opportunity to work with Array in acquiring new properties, improving operations on existing ones, or drilling.

    Oil rig similar to Array Petroleum, one of many ISNetworld® hiring clients in June

    To achieve compliance to work with Array Petroleum, contractors should have the following documentation:

      • Company Profile 
      • Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Questionnaire 
      • HSE Programs 
      • Document Submittal: OSHA Forms and Experience Modifier 
      • Training Qualifications (TQ)

      Contractors must have completed and submitted documentation to the ISN® platform by June 14th, 2024. Note that their website is still under maintenance as of this blog. Contractors can get more information about working with Array Petroleum at 

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