Safety Services Company: Innovative Changes Lead To Impressive Results

At Safety Services Company, we recognize that a key aspect of an excellent safety program is a solid focus on continuous improvement. That’s why we’ve spent several years diligently working hard in order to improve customer experiences for those who choose us for their safety compliance and safety training needs. As a leading provider of safety and compliance training products and services in North America, we admit that to do our best, we needed to re-examine the way we do business. There is always room for growth and Safety Services Company is committed to progress through strategic continuous improvement. Therefore, in order to promote the enhancement of safety and the well-being of our customer’s employees, we looked to our own company to see where we could increase employee satisfaction and provide a better human service experience.

As part of our continuous improvement process, we strive to employ only the brightest minds and talented employees who are passionate about the needs of our consumers and corporate social responsibility. To do this, in 2016 we appointed Dan Hurdle as our Chief Executive Officer, a visionary man driven and inspired to create exceptional customer experiences through a highly motivated, engaged, and empowered workforce. With the development of a corporate culture that fosters loyalty in its employees, our team at Safety Services Company is encouraged to provide only the best customer interactions conducted with courteous professionalism for all our clients.

Safety Services Company has excelled in improving our customer service, with average positive customer review ratings increasing 300-fold from 2016 to 4.5 out of 5 stars in 2019. With customer reviews that consistently highlight the company’s knowledgeable staff and swift resolution of all queries and concerns, it is no wonder we boosted our Better Business Bureau score by 190% in 12 months to A+ rating, and a 4.6 “Shopper Approved” rating from over 390 consumer reviews.

With a persistent commitment to customer satisfaction by CEO Dan Hurdle, the company has been able to change our workplace culture, and as a result, increased our sales by over 50% in the first 8 months of his tenure. As part of Dan’s initiative to improve the products and services offered by the company, Cassie Spaulding — an expert in her field — was brought on to further this concept and manage quality within the business in a way that reflects the excellence that our clients have come to expect when they work with us.

The dedicated hard work of the entire Safety Services Company team is reflected in these positive results and reviews, which have consistently improved over the last couple of years. The upward trends in positive reviews is no fluke ⁠— our company has meticulously worked to be at the forefront of quality-oriented safety training and compliance.

As a company, small business owner, or contractor, look no further than Safety Services Company for your safety needs. With top-quality services and speedy production and distribution of compliance and training materials, we’ve earned our reputation as the pinnacle of professionalism and a highly competitive provider in the safety service industry.

To see how we can solve your safety needs, check out our services here or call us at (866) 329-5407 today.

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