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Ladder Safety Training Kit

Duration: 45 minutes

Level: Intermediate

Languages: English and Spanish

Digital: $550.00

Digital and Hard Copy: $675.00

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Description: DIY TRAINING KIT: COURSE A – This do-it-yourself training kit provides you with all the materials needed to conduct in-house, classroom-style ladder safety training. Materials include: Facilitator guides, student guides, wallet cards, course completion certificates, a training log and an interactive presentation.

Injury and Illness Prevention Plan Manual

Languages: English and Spanish

Digital Delivery: $600.00

Digital and Hard Copy: $725.00

3-Year Maintenance: $590.00

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Description: MANUAL – The Injury and Illness Prevention Plan is a customized manual written to federal OSHA regulations. Pick from over 120 elective policies, such as ladder safety, to build a complete safety manual. Opt into manual maintenance to ensure your manual remains up-to-date when regulations change.

Ladder Safety Training

Chapter Add-On

Languages: English and Spanish

Digital: $100.00

Digital and Hard Copy: $135.00

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Description: CHAPTER ADD ON – Add the ladder safety chapter to an existing Safety Services Company Injury and Illness Prevention Plan, if this chapter was not selected at the time of purchase.

Array of ladder types includes extension ladders, mobile ladders, combo ladders, step ladders, and articulating ladders.
Three examples of portable ladders, one metal, one plastic, and one wood. Materials can create hazards.
Infographic shows ladder duty ratings, color coded and organized by type, grade, and max weight allowed.
How to position a ladder

Proper Ladder Climbing

Proper climbing technique is a must. Boots should be clean and the climber must face the ladder when climbing. 3 points of contact (2 hands and one foot, 2 feet and hand) must be maintained and the climbers body centered inside the rails.

A second person can hold the ladder for stability. Some work sites secure the ladder at the top and the bottom to keep the ladder steady. The top or top steps of a ladder must not be used as a step per OSHA ladder safety regulation 1926.1053.


36% of all deaths in the workplace occured due to employees falling

Safety Services helped us when we needed it with manuals that companies we work for required… they continue to monitor ISNetworld and others that require monthly updates.

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