Confined Space Products and Prices:

Confined Space Safety Kit For: General Industry or Construction

Duration: 1 hour

Level: Intermediate

General Industry Languages: English and Spanish

Construction Language: English only

Digital: $550.00

Digital and Hard Copy: $675.00

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Description: DIY TRAINING KIT: COURSE A – Like the general industry confined space training kit, this kit gives your onsite safety personnel all the tools necessary to train employees on how to conduct a confined space entry – specifically for construction jobs. No internet connection is required and the course can be used and reused as long as needed. Materials include: Facilitator guides, student guides, wallet cards, certificates of completion, an interactive presentation, and training sign-in sheets.

Injury and Illness Prevention Plan Manual

Languages: English and Spanish

Digital Delivery: $600.00

Digital and Hard Copy: $725.00

3-Year Maintenance: $590.00

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Description: MANUAL – The Injury and Illness Prevention Plan is a customized manual written to federal OSHA regulations or Cal/OSHA regulations for those in California. Pick from over 120 elective policies, such as confined spaces, to build a complete safety manual. Get the most up-to-date changes added to your manual as soon as a regulation is updated by opting into manual maintenance.

Prequalification Services

Languages: English and Spanish

Silver Seat Digital SafetyConnect: $100.00

Digital and Hard Copy: $125.00

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Description: CHAPTER ADD ON – Working with a safety prequalification service provider for jobs that require confined space entry. We have experience navigating 30+ prequalification platforms. We help customers with ISNetworld, Avetta, PEC, and much more. Services include account maintenance, questionnaire completion and upload, custom health and safety manuals tailored to the specific platform, and much more.

Table shows stats for which workplaces had the most confined space fatalities 2011-2018. Construction workers had the most deaths, showing the need for confined space training.

Manholes tend to have only one way in and one way out. They can have hazardous atmospheres that are oxygen-deficient or gases that can asphyxiate a worker. If there is too much oxygen, the atmosphere in the confined space could be flammable or explosive.

Grain silo dangers include fires and explosions from grain dust accumulation. Workers can suffocate from engulfment and entrapment in grain bins.

Excavation sites can have un-shored walls collapse, trapping workers. Other hazards include falls or falling objects, those related to heavy equipment such as pinching or crushing, or damages to utility lines.

Confined spaces are usually broken down into two groups:

Non-permit Required


Permit Required

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