Piping above ground is exposed to the elements: sun, wind, rain, and snow. To get more life out of the metal infrastructure, oil and gas companies in Texas turn to Technicoatings Scaffolding & Insulation (Technicoatings). They’ve been coating pipeline for nearly four decades.

With around 20 employees, everyone there is used to wearing different hats. “We’re a small company with plans to grow larger,” says company administrator, Vickie Pace. “I’m responsible for many different administration aspects that keep the company moving forward – payroll, insurance, contract administration, project startups, financials, and more. It’s been such a great help to have Safety Services as our safety partner.”


Technicoatings has been a customer of Safety Services since 2014, working with them to manage their account on the web portal for Third Party Auditor, *ISNetworld®, as well as creating and maintaining safety manuals. SSC was initially brought in because the safety professional at Technicoatings didn’t have time to be both in the field and maintain the web portal.

In late 2019, Pace took over the safety program responsibilities. With no professional safety background, the learning curve was steep. Pace hit the ground running, learning all about safety while still executing her other responsibilities.

“When I took over the safety programs in 2019, it was all brand new to me. There were so many aspects of a safety program that I needed to learn and it was a little overwhelming at first.” reveals Pace.


Safety Services is prepared for transition situations just like this. While maintaining the ISNetworld® account, client services coordinator Justin Bilodeau brought Pace up to speed – answering questions and explaining the ins and outs of safety programs.

“Safety Services was great, and Justin was incredible. He trained me on safety programs and taught me everything I know. He takes the initiative and anticipates what I need. I’d love to clone him for my other responsibilities!” jokes Pace.

In addition to TPA account maintenance, SSC ensures that Technicoatings’ safety manuals are current, making additions or updates when needed. When the insurance company has questions, SSC is ready to help answer.


Now that she has her arms around the safety program at Technicoatings, Pace is grateful to SSC for the partnership. She estimates that working with Safety Services saves her 20 hours a week, but more importantly, she knows that the company’s safety programs are in good hands.

“Working with Safety Services saves me a ton of money and time. We don’t have a dedicated safety professional. That’s just one of my responsibilities,” adds Pace. “Our safety program needs to be top notch for us to be successful. I feel very secure with them as a partner… a peace of mind that the job is going to get done.”

Administrator, Vickie Pace