The economic and human costs of substance in the workplace include losses in productivity, employers paying out claims, lost days on the job, and reduction in productivity. Substance abuse causes: accidents, injuries and death, time off, tardiness, dismissal, more drug use, theft, and poor performance.

How to Create a Drug Free Work Environment:

Addressing these substance abuse problems with a Drug Free Work Program (DFWP) has proven to improve performance for employees and employers. In addition, some states provide mandated insurance company discounts when an DFWP is in place, and employers everywhere may be eligible for insurance discounts.

Our Drug Free Workplace Program provides: a manual with a comprehensive written policy, an employee assistance program, a controlled drug testing procedure, an employee and supervisor program, and all the necessary publications, forms, and record keeping best practices. Prevent substance abuse by utilizing our program today!

Interested in implementing a DFWP?