Providing security for critical infrastructure construction projects is all about understanding the risks as well as the criminal element. When Sentry On-site Security (SENTRY) stations police officers at their clients’ construction sites, everyone feels a greater peace of mind. Because their core focus is security coverage, SENTRY relies on Safety Services to provide them peace of mind when it comes to safety compliance.

“We provide security services for long-term construction projects, primarily in the pipeline construction industry. Each project consists of police officer security, company project managers, and site supervisors working together to ensure effective and efficient project security from start to finish. We know security, but staying on top of safety compliance and reporting while running a business can be challenging,” Vice President Patrick Nichols states.

SENTRY originally engaged with Safety Services Corporation (SSC) back in 2016 to help manage a Third-Party Audit web portal. Their security contracts required an authenticated audit through *ISNetworld®.

“Safety Services does an excellent job of being proactive with our safety compliance”, Nichols says. “They make sure our information is set up correctly in the portal, and they stay on top of safety stats and insurance requirements. Safety Services makes sure we’re ready to go to work for our clients.”


SENTRY had received a short notice bid request which required their company to be set up in the Avetta® portal. They immediately turned to Safety Services. Within 72 hours, 95% of the information was entered in the portal. But unlike the ISNetworld® portal, the Avetta® web portal required additional information. SENTRY had worked with more than 3,000 subcontractors over the last three years. If only W2 employees were set up in the portal, the hours would not match. Knowing the requirements of Avetta® web portal, the Safety Services client manager worked with SENTRY management to address the differences and achieve compliance.


In the case of SENTRY, adjustments needed to be made to equal a 40-hour work week per average employee count. Originally, they reported employee count based on how many hours worked on site each week. Tracking back to the 3,000+ subcontractors, Safety Services calculated the average number of workers based on their annual hours that was close to an average FTE work week for each worker reported, not just W2 employees.

Nichols was thrilled – “Justin knew the different classification of workers would need to be addressed in the Avetta® portal from the beginning. He worked with us to gather the information and have it entered before the deadline so we wouldn’t miss out on a new job opportunity.”

“The on-site presence of our officers serves to deter criminal trespass and prevent loss due to theft, fire or vandalism. Our clients rely on SENTRY to protect their investments by supplying well-trained officers who are familiar with the local criminal element. Safety Services has been with us every step of the way, ensuring compliance with our safety programs so we can continue providing security to our clients while safeguarding the well-being of our people.”

CEO, Jeff Farmer


SENTRY was successful in meeting the prequalification deadline and were able to successfully bid for the project. By partnering with Safety Servies company they were able to save both time and money. They continue to work with Safety Services to maintain safety compliance in both Avetta® and ISNetworld® web portals.

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