Learn the effects of open leadership positions, underfunding, understaffing, inconsistent training and the challenging repeat classification of general construction and general industry OSHA standards. You will learn how to manage the scope of an inspection and the importance on procedures.


The Trump Administration’s disinterest in OSHA does not mean that nothing has changed for employers. They must deal with new State-OSHA regulations, major Court and Commission decisions affecting citations and procedures, and a dizzying array of inspection practices by different OSHA Area Offices and State-Plans. A company’s main focus must be on protecting its workers, but you cannot ignore the parallel tracks of OSHA regulation. Even if a company has maintained a safe workplace for years, you’re still susceptible to routine violations or failure to satisfy and document every subsection of the Lock Out, guarding, Confined Space Entry, and process safety management (PSM) standards. New approaches are also required for managing OSHA inspections and for handling appeals and challenges. Employers need to understand changes in how courts review repeat citations, appropriate OSHA inspection scope and how OSHA is applying new and old standards.

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