One of the largest independently owned insulation contractors in the Southwest, this family-owned business with a strong reputation for quality installation and great customer service has 10 locations serving customers across Arizona, New Mexico, and Washington and serves both commercial business and consumers”


Specifically, they needed a person or company to be dedicated and consistent in the safety arena to move the business forward. Dedication in delivering the safety message to all locations of the organization and consistency in the message communicated, using effective tactics, methods, and language for the appropriate audience.

“The job market was proving difficult to find a full-time employee with a dedication to safety who could also recognize specific challenges we faced as an insulation contractor.”

Insulation Company


When considering outsourcing the safety program, they looked for a company that understood the construction industry, had a strong team of effective and dedicated safety advocates, and could deliver a strong safety message that connected to workers.

Starting with an introduction of the Safety Services team to the company at management levels, they then took the show on the road to meet everyone at the outlying branches. Working with a professional team of safety specialists was critical in planning and executing the schedule. The professionalism showed through with the team, proving the company commitment to improving the safety culture.

They ultimately decided to partner with Safety Services to implement and manage a comprehensive safety program that includes the following components:

  • Maintain and update safety documentation and OSHA logs
  • Update IIPP manual
  • Implement and lead safety committee meetings
  • Monitor and manage monthly claims
  • Conduct required and appropriate safety trainings
  • Coordinate and lead safety inspections
  • Provide consultation for any OSHA interaction
  • Work with insurance to show risk management initiatives
  • 24/7 safety and compliance hotline

Although all safety program elements are outsourced to Safety Services Company, they maintain a single contact for accountability. This “one throat to choke” management means that that if any issues were to arise, there would be no delay in knowing the person to contact.


With a safety program in place at all branches of the company and affiliates, their safety culture improved and quickly translated to a much better safety record. With fewer injuries and less down time they now have more time for installs. With a plan and team in place, this client continues to improve their safety record and reduce their level of risk.

“We’re impressed with Safety Services’ dedication to our safety mission, and the consistency with which they conduct business. They do everything in their power to get our team members to support a better safety culture.”

Insulation Company