You Can Save $20,000 Over 650 Hours

Getting contractor prequalification approval is half the battle. Keeping it means continued business. With frequent prequalification maintenance and regular check-ins, you save time, money, and the frustration of adding another task to your to do list. You get a full-time prequalification partner at a part-time cost.

Full Compliance at Part-time Cost:

Don’t burden your team with administrative work. Your goal is safety prequalification approval and maintenance. Let your dedicated Safety Compliance Manager take on platform navigation to get your account submitted quickly and maintained properly.

No Lost Opportunity Cost:

We spend every day in contractor management systems so you don’t have to. Don’t get sidelined with a lengthy questionnaire when your business needs your focus.

Create a Competitive Advantage:

Be the hiring client’s preferred partner. We’ll get you the highest compliance grade possible, then maintain the status. We won’t let anything slip through the cracks.

Our Passion for Prequalification Services


$49,250 Value. You Pay a Fraction.

Total Value of Prequalification Service

You get all of this bundled into one low price. And the time saved is equal to one full time employee. Ultimately… what is it worth to your company to be approved and get on the job site? Get in touch with us today to get all the answers to your safety and compliance questions regarding the prequalification of contractors.

See How It Works

Steps to Approval:






Hours per Week Saved


Client Qualifications Met

Working with Safety Services saves me a ton of money and time. We don’t have a dedicated safety professional, but our safety program needs to be top notch for us to be successful. I feel very secure with them as a partner… a peace of mind that the job is going to get done.

Vickie Pace

Technicoatings Scaffolding; Insulation