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Beyond the Build: Elevating Contractor-Client Partnerships for Success

Season 1 | Episode 1

Beyond the Build: Elevating Contractor-Client Partnerships for Success

Whether you’re a hiring client with contractors or a contractor working with clients, you’re engaged in a valuable partnership.


We invited  Brad Green, an HSSE Manager with 17 years of safety industry expertise to discuss cutting-edge strategies aimed at enhancing your contractor-client relationships.

Tune in to Learn About...

  • Communication: Tailored strategies for clear communication between contractors and clients
  • Perspective: Treating contractors as part of the team, not a means to the end
  • Building Trust: Fostering trust through consistent actions and transparency
  • Asking Different Questions: Driving innovation with thought-provoking inquiries and encouraging feedback
  • Encouraging Curiosity: Cultivating curiosity for innovative problem-solving
  • Collaboration: Navigating regulatory standards confidently with clients

About Our Speaker:

Brad Green, Corporate HSSE/PSM Professional

Brad Green is the Head of HSSE for the Lubricants Business Unit at CITGO, where he fosters a learning organization and advocates for all employees’ physical and mental well-being. He is an experienced HSSE leader with over 17 years of experience. He possesses multiple credentials from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, including CSP, OHST, CHST, and STSC. Brad is passionate about promoting a humanistic approach in the HSSE profession. Connect with him on LinkedIn to explore his leadership expertise.