Drug Free
Workplace Program

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The impact of substance abuse at work is substantial, resulting in lower productivity, heightened financial strain on employers, theft, increased absenteeism, and decreased work quality. It’s important to establish a drug free work environment to not only keep production up, but to also protect your employees.

How to Implement a Drug Free Environment

Implementing a Drug-Free Work Program (DFWP) can prevent substance abuse issues before they start. Certain states offer mandated insurance discounts for companies with a DFWP in operation, while employers across the board may qualify for insurance cost reductions.


Our DFWP offers a detailed policy manual, employee assistance services, structured drug testing protocols, dedicated employee and supervisor training, as well as essential publications, forms, and record-keeping guidelines. Take proactive steps to combat substance abuse by implementing our program today!

Interested in implementing a "DFWP"?