SAFE Work Manitoba, a joint partnership between the Workplace Safety and Health Division (WSHD) and the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba (WCB), is using a new tool to raise young workers awareness of workplace hazards, zombies.

The zombies are part of the group’s 2012 edition of its SAFE Work youth campaign, an initiative targeted at young workers aged 15 to 24.

The campaign focuses on encouraging youth to identify workplace hazards, ask questions and recognize and practice the SAFE Work risk management model: Spot the hazard, Assess the risk, Find a safer way, Everyday.

“Many young people enter the work force completely unaware of the possible hazards that may cause a workplace injury,” says Jennifer Howard, Minister of Family Services and Labour. “This campaign will get the attention of young workers and remind them of the many workplace hazards that may be lurking around the corner. Our goal is to educate young people and employers about the importance of workplace safety and training and create SAFE Workers for life.”

The organization used the zombies in a series of brief television ads in an attempt to direct viewers to the online channel.

Once on the web page viewers could watch a video of a gas attendant being stalked by zombies, each representing a different workplace hazard.

“We know that the risk is infectious and we all need to work together to combat the threat of workplace injuries, or in this case, the threat of the zombie apocalypse,” says WCB President and CEO Winston Maharaj. “We are continuing to open a dialogue with youth using their language and talking to them where they socialize online. The SAFE Work message becomes important to young people when it is part of the online communities they frequent. Our goal is to have them continue that conversation where they work and talk to their supervisor about workplace safety.”

In addition to viewing the video on the webpage the campaign prompts visitors to complete a workplace hazards quiz, report hazards in their workplace and to share the message with their friends.

In exchange for taking part in the initiative visitors are entered to win a series of prizes, including iPads, a MacBook, a game console or an actual zombie makeover by professional make‐up artists.

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