Employers are treated once again to free training materials by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) with the recent launch of the three new Safety and Health Information Bulletins (SHIBS) in their website. Each new bulletin discusses specific hazards in the workplace and ways to address them by eliminating or controlling them.

The first one is the Compactor Rollover Hazards SHIB, which tackles rollover hazards that come with operating roller/compactor machines, as well as greater safety with the use of seatbelts and roll-over protective structures (ROPS).

The second SHIB is the Hazards of Transporting, Unloading, Storing and Handling Granite, Marble and Stone Slabs. It provides information in controlling caught-by, struck-by or crushed-by hazards by following safe procedures in moving and handling stone slabs with equipment, loading them onto trucks, unloading them from containers, and storing them in “slab-racking” systems.

Hazards of Using Flammable Liquids in Cutting Laminated Glass is the third SHIB. It discusses safer alternative methods for cutting laminated glass. It also offers recommendations for safe work practices in this operation.

You can start reading these new Safety and Health Information Bulletins by clicking here.

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