Do you listen to podcasts? If your answer is yes, you’re in good company. 41% of Americans listen to podcasts monthly, with an audience growth of more than 60% in 3 years. That means more people are listening to podcasts than have Netflix accounts. That’s one reason we decided to jump in the pool feet first.

Here’s the thing… we’re a complete Safety, Training and Compliance solution provider which is a fancy way to say that we help companies create and implement safety programs

Our employees also talk with hundreds of safety professionals every day. These safety professionals come from different backgrounds and work in different industries – each with a unique career, a unique set of challenges, and a unique story. From their career, their challenges, their triumphs, and life on the job and in the field – whatever field that is.

There are so many stories from behind-the-scenes that we hear.  As entertaining as many of them are, nearly every single one has a learning, a lesson, or a tip. What if we could find a way to share those stories with the profession?

Welcome to The Safety Management Show! Our goal is to provide a platform to hear those stories, with the hope that listeners will find at least one valuable nugget out of it.

Why? Lots of reasons! All with the safety professional in mind…

  1. Super easy to access on the go. The Safety Management Show is on Sites like Spotify, Apple iTunes, Stitcher, and TuneIn. There’s other podcast platforms, but being on the top platforms makes it easy for our audience to find us and listen.
  2. Multi-tasking welcome. We know you’re on the go quite a bit. Between job sites and the office, meetings and office work, you don’t have much time to focus 100% on one thing. With a podcast, you can listen to a podcast while driving to a job site, catching up on emails, or driving home from work.
  3. Get to know us. Yep – that’s really us. And our guests are really your colleagues across the country. We love hearing from safety professionals from all industries and companies. Our guests have safety tips and knowledge that we can all learn from.
  4. Just for you. There are more than 2 million podcasts out there. Each created with a specific audience in mind. This is the biggest reason we’re launching The Safety Management Show – to create a platform for safety professionals and highlighting safety professionals. Every HSE professional has made mistakes, learned lessons, and has scars stories from the trenches. These are meant for sharing with your community. Because that lesson, that view, that opinion – it’s unique to every person and the way they tell the story might just be what helps their colleague.

We aren’t trying to beat the same safety drum. We know that stories are the best way to learn and who better to tell those stories than those that have spent years in the trenches (so to speak)?

We’re always looking for a unique point of view or someone that likes to think about things from a different angle. What’s great is that EVERY PERSON has stories and experiences that make their point of view unique. So if you’re interested in being a guest, reach us at

Ready to listen? You can find The Safety Management Spotify

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