I used to agonize over how to close out work emails to those I didn’t know well. Was it proper to say “Sincerely” or should I say “Regards”? Or perhaps it should be “Best regards”? Or skip the formalities and sign off with a cool but confusing “BR”, leaving the recipient wondering what exactly that meant.

How 2019 is that?? Anyone who’s received an email since March 2020 knows that “Stay safe” is…. Well, the safe closing to any communication – email, phone call, video or otherwise. 

2020 is the year that has us sending heart felt well wishes to our friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. Starting with true concern about the safety of your fellow humans, it’s now a standard greeting and closing of the age. Someone even coined the term, “coroniquette”, to describe proper etiquette in a global pandemic.

But for some workers – generally speaking, those already back on the job site – “stay safe” refers to something a little different. Staying safe on the job site doesn’t mean wearing a mask and keeping a distance of 6 feet. It’s preventing illness, sure, but also managing hazards, preventing injuries, and bringing workers home safe at the end of the day.

Health and safety in the workplace isn’t a 2020 “coroniquette”. It’s a day in, day out focus and practice of safety. That’s why we hope you’ll join us in celebrating OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week, August 10-14. We’ll be promoting a safe workplace on our social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) with giveaways and promotions.

In the meantime, stay safe☺

More info about OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week:

There are many ways to participate in Safe + Sound Week so you can pick what works best for you. Here are some example activities to consider:

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