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Delrin has recently joined the extensive network of hiring clients within *ISNetworld®, becoming one of nearly 700 entities utilizing the contractor management platform. 

Delrin is known as one of the leading companies in high performance acetal resin. Their solution combines low-friction and high-wear resistance and has a wide operating temperature. Their resin is used in gears, safety restraint components, medical delivery devices, and even ski bindings! 

By utilizing *ISNetworld®, a leader of safety and compliance in the supply chain industry, Delrin has joined 70,000+ contractors in the network and opened themselves up to over 750+ hiring clients. *ISNetworld®, and other organizations such as Veriforce®, ComplyWorks®, and Avetta®, help hiring clients organize contractor management information including:

  • OSHA Logs
  • Modification Rate (EMR)
  • Safety Manuals
  • Proof of Training
  • Liability Insurance
  • And more!

Do you work with Delrin or has your client requested you join the *ISN® platform?

We Can Help

By partnering with our team, we assume the role of your virtual compliance officer, aiding your organization in achieving and maintaining compliance through the management and monitoring of your account.

Contact us today and learn how we can help you with your contractor management platforms.

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