1.  Vehicle Safety During Winter:  Safe Use of Snow Chains

The holidays have come and gone yet we’re still left with the torturing cold of winter. For many of us, going on the road does not just mean shoveling up snow and getting rid of ice. It also means driving with double caution.

Driving slowly is not enough, though. Some states actually require the use of snow chains to…(read the whole article)

2.  Winter Safety at the Workplace:  What to Do Before a Blizzard and Other Winter Storms

If I were to become one of the X-Men, Storm would definitely be my choice. Who else has the power to control all weather conditions in the whole universe? Okay, it might also be because of her gorgeous body, flawless skin, elegant tresses and her unrivaled ability to pick locks. But hey, even without those traits, she’s one of the most powerful mutants in their weird bunch. When I was a little girl, she was the only X-men mutant who never ceased to scare me whenever her white eyes and raging storms flashed on the TV screen. …(read the whole article)

3.  Winter Storm Survival Measures Part 2: What to Do during a Winter Storm

After raving about Storm yesterday, I’m back with a sequel to blizzard or winter storm preparations. Today, I’ll be serving you with a list of safety measures when facing a winter storm while on the job. No mutants in outlandish costumes this time, but just some things to remember and apply in case you get stuck at work while…(read the whole article)

4.  Outdoor Safety at the Workplace:  9 Winter Safety Tips You Didn’t Know

Working during winter feels more like survival of the fittest than an everyday challenge. The risks are even tenfold for employees who have to work and drive outdoors. Here are nine tips that should keep you safe during this…(read the whole article)

5.  General Maintenance and Winter Safety: Repairing Damaged or Downed Power Lines and Trees

Among employees most at risk during winter are electrical utility workers. Not only do they have to brave the bitter cold outdoors, they are also in charge of servicing damaged or downed power lines, as well as clearing fallen trees. Such tasks are already highly dangerous so you can just imagine the risks involved when workers have to…(read the whole article)

6.  Mining Safety:  Rising Hazards in Mining Sites during Winter

Every year, mining fatalities rise during the winter season. The risk of getting ill, injured or killed is doubled, if not tripled, with the combination of low humidity, low barometric pressures and seasonal drying of some areas in coal mines.

During winter, coal dust is suspended in the atmosphere what with the air being dryer than usual. This increases the hazard of explosion. Winter also brings about low…(read the whole article)

7.  Winter Safety:  7 Tips for Winter Slip and Fall Prevention

If only winter fairy godmothers existed in real life, we could ask for this protective bubble around every worker so that they’d forever be spared the doom of slipping on slippery surfaces. Okay, maybe not forever but only in winter when walkways and steps are more slippery and…(read the whole article)

8.  Winter Safety:  9 Tips on Driving on Icy Slopes or Hills

Driving in snow means facing a multitude of tests. First, there is the test in humility. No matter how good a driver you are, winter driving requires you to slow down. Second is the test in patience. You want so bad to get to where you have to go. But you have no choice but to keep a longer following distance from the vehicle in front of you. Third is the test in colors. If you don’t know the color of …(read the whole article)

9.  Chemical Safety:  Guidelines in Pouring and Molding Plastic

If plastic weren’t invented, we would be stuck with buying wooden furniture, stone figurines, glass mugs and all other heavier and more expensive materials on the market. While being useful and indispensable in many areas of our lives, plastic is one of the most hazardous materials in the manufacturing industry. To prevent illnesses and…(read the whole article)

10.  5 Safety Tips for Construction Workers on Avoiding Stress and Injury

Working as a construction worker is much like being a superhero. Every day, you’re tasked with bearing heavy loads and using ultra cool equipment and tools. Riding in cranes and squatting on scaffolds put you so high in the sky that you almost feel like flying. But the same things that make construction job extraordinary could put…(read the whole article)

11.  Vehicle Safety Tips: All You Need to Know about Night Driving

I remember how as a child I always loved going on joy rides at night. For me, the cool breeze and bright lights at night are unmatched by the sights and sounds offered by day. Being a passenger on night rides came with this magical feeling I couldn’t explain then. When I learned how to drive my own car, I found that all…(read the whole article)

12.  Manufacturing Safety:  OSHA Requests Comments Related to Diacetyl and Other Food Flavoring Compounds

Food flavoring manufacturers, listen up! The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) needs your help in implementing standards related to exposure to diacetyl and food flavorings containing it and other compounds like acetoin, acetic acid, acetaldehyde and furfural.

This is a response to the petition submitted to OSHA by the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The petition stated evidence from NIOSH Hazard Evaluations that some employees who …(read the whole article)

13.  Ergonomics and Vehicle Safety:  Beating the Unhealthy Effects of Frequent Driving

Caution: Driving is dangerous to your health. If you find a car door with a sign saying this, you’d probably laugh and shrug it off. After all, while driving can cause injuries, it seems absurd that it can cause illnesses.

But think about it. Whenever you go for a long drive, do you feel exhausted right after the trip? Does your body feel stiff? Do your neck and shoulders feel sore? Does your back…(read the whole article)

14.  Warehouse Safety:  General Guidelines and OSHA Citations

In the U.S., there are about 7,000 warehouses employing more than 140,000 workers. Unfortunately, hundreds of fatalities also come from…According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), warehousing establishments are usually cited for the following 10 OSHA standards…(read the whole article)

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