Happy New and Safer Year, everyone! With the swift dash of December and the holiday rush that came with it, I’m sure you have been pretty beat the past few weeks.  Up to now, your email inbox probably holds some holiday leftovers with all the spam and friendly greetings you received last month.

Today, I’ll give you a breather. Instead of serving you a hot dish of the latest accidents in the safety industry, I’ll provide you with a brief flashback to the previous posts we ran last month.  Here are the titles of all the tips-based articles in December, along with their excerpts:

1.  Engineering Controls and Additional Head Protection for Winter

Safety is a timeless necessity in every workplace. But this time of the year calls for more serious safety precautions as employees have to brave the harsh elements that come with winter. With the dropping temperature sweeping across the nation, employees are more at risk of meeting accidents.

2.  Vehicle Safety: 12 Safety Guidelines in Driving in Winter Weather

Every year, hundreds of accidents happen on the road. A great fraction of them involves drivers who are on duty. Most of them are no rookies but are actually experienced drivers for many years.

With roads covered with ice and snow this time of the year, the hazards are tenfold. In fact, drivers are not advised to go on the road in winter weather. Then again, in the case of workers in charge of delivering goods or transporting equipment and materials to different work sites, traveling during winter is a necessity.

3.  Cold Stress Prevention: 7 Safety Tips to Prevent Hypothermia and Frostbite

Yesterday we discussed the importance of keeping work areas clear of snow and ice. By following proper procedures in getting rid of unwanted ice and snow, you avoid the heightened risk of slipping or falling on the job.

Unfortunately, the cold weather brings with it more risks that are invisible to the naked eye. Actually, they’re really invisible. With the dropping temperature across the nation, workers are under threat of suffering from cold stress. Those who belong to the construction, agriculture, maritime and commercial fishing industries are the most.

4.  Cold Weather Safety in the Workplace: Tips to Avoid Ice and Snow Accumulation

‘Tis the season to be cautious. While these days are merrier with colorful decors lining the streets and Christmas tunes wafting in the air, conditions on the job are dangerous now more than any time of the year. This is true for places where Christmas brings with it the torturing cold of winter.

But winter not only gifts us poor earthlings with a frigid weather. With all the snow and ice from the heavens, winter also blesses us with wet and slippery grounds. That is why employees working outdoors are…(read the whole article)

5.  Workplace Fire Protection: Tips in the Safe Use and Maintenance of Portable Heaters

December is perhaps the busiest month of the year. At this time, most people are caught in a hurly-burly, what with all the gift-giving and decorating we have to do. But shopping for gifts and planning for parties are just some of the things everyone has to worry about during this frantic season. For employees, that may be having a fire at home, be prepared…(read the whole article)

6.  Heavy Equipment Safety: Basic Safety Tips in Bulldozer Operations

Bulldozers are designed to cut and push large quantities of material in a matter of seconds. With their enormous size, they can cause serious injury and even death, if not operated properly. Read on to be…(read the whole article)

7.  Chemical Safety: Safety Measures in Working with Concrete

Concrete is among the most common materials used in most types of construction. However, working with concrete mixtures, chemicals and equipment can be very dangerous for workers.

8.  Safety for Businesses this Holiday Season: Safety Tips on Choosing and Using Christmas Lights

Okay a quick quiz for you. Name a major festive celebration that could likely cause electric shock, fire and falls both in homes and workplaces.

If you’re thinking Valentine’s Day, you’re dead wrong. But you’re forgiven in case your good sense of humor led you to this answer. After all, the day of hearts has the power to send flaming desires on us earthlings, making sure electricity works its way through our veins and pushes us to fall madly in love with each other.

9.  Better Construction Site Safety with Respiratory Protection

Constructions are often the site of fatalities caused by falls, scaffolds, lockout/tagout, machine guarding, and electrical hazards. But what many workers don’t know is that respiratory protection came in 4th among the Top 10 Most Cited Violations of OSHA. It spawned a total of 3,062 violations in 2007 alone.

Effects of respiratory hazards are not that easy to deal with . They are so complicated that they can manifest from a few seconds to several years after exposure to the hazards. The effects range from irritation of the nose, throat and lungs to contamination of the bloodstream to irreversible damage to the brain.

10.  Safety in Materials Handling, Storage and Disposal: General Requirements for Storage

Keeping a garage or attic in order is a big challenge for any housekeeper. Old photo albums stacked high on a corner must be kept from molds. Wooden furniture is under threat by termites, if not chipping paint or varnish. Silver pieces are likely to get tarnished, while steel materials can attract rust unless you store and maintain them well.

A simple storage room like an attic or garage can be a complex file system where everything that goes in and stays must be properly stored and regularly visited for maintenance.

11.  Everyday Safety at Work: 9 Tips to Avoid Falling Asleep on the Job

This is how it feels to be at your own body’s mercy. No matter how much you fight the feeling it just keeps on coming back. As if that’s not enough, every single day on the job, this is the scenario. You’re tasked with lifting the same load alone: your very own eyelids.

Of course your job is on the line. Once your supervisor sees you dozing off at work, it might mean another of a series of memos.

Of course your life is on the line, too. With literally one blink of…(read the whole article)


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