With the rise of the Coronavirus, we have arrived at an unprecedented global pandemic. We at Safety Services Company believe it is imperative that we keep ourselves safe in these dangerous times, armed with knowledge of what we are facing, and what we must do to keep each other safe.

Tips for a Safer Workplace

We stand for workplace safety above all else and keeping yourself and your co-workers healthy in this pandemic is of utmost importance. Here are some measures you can take to keep the workplace free of COVID-19.

  1. Frequent Hand Washing – Wash your hands with soap and water as frequently as you can, taking at least 20 seconds to scrub. When your hands are not visibly soiled, you can use hand sanitizer containing ≥ 60% alcohol, or rubbing alcohol, instead of soap and water.
  2. No Shaking Hands – Avoid shaking hands or other intimate contact with all co-workers for the time being. Avoid co-workers who exhibit symptoms of the Coronavirus.
  3. Do Not Touch – Stay away from surfaces that are frequently touched and do your best not to touch them yourself. Do not touch your face (mouth, eyes, nose) with unwashed hands.
  4. Keep Healthy Habits – Sleep the right amount to keep your immune system healthy. Do not skip meals and be sure to eat nutritious foods to further boost your immune system. Disinfect your frequently used surfaces and objects using the CDC’s disinfection guide.
  5. Stay Home – If you are sick, you should stay home. All meetings that can be held online should be, to prevent mass gatherings of people and further risk of spreading the virus.
  6. Stay Up-to-Date – The Coronavirus situation changes daily, so it’s vital to have a reliable, fact-checked source of information for it. Your local CDC website should have the latest information on the virus. Keeping yourself informed lets you know what to do next in preparation to prevent further spreading of the virus.

How Safety Services Company Can Help

Like you, we’re monitoring the latest news about the coronavirus, and have been working closely with customers, helping to answer their questions about workplace health and safety.

In addition, we wanted to do something to help ALL businesses through this difficult time. So, we’ve developed some FREE resources that you can use to help educate employees about workplace hygiene, and how to prevent the spread of the virus. Just follow the links below to download the resources:

1. Safety Meeting – COVID-19 | DOWNLOAD HERE

Make this important topic the focus of your next safety meeting. 

2. Breakroom Safety Poster – COVID-19 | DOWNLOAD HERE

Increase awareness of best practices. Just download and print at your local Kinkos.

Impact on Prequalification & Compliance Accounts

[Avetta®, BROWZ™, *ISNetworld®, ComplyWorks®, Veriforce®, and Others]

We have found that many hiring clients who utilize these platforms are requiring contractors include a “Pandemic Preparedness” or “Public Health Emergency” policy in their HSE manual. We are quite familiar with this requirement and have developed a policy that can be quickly customized for you to maintain compliance.

If you would like assistance with this policy, or have any other questions about safety and compliance requirements, just click here to Schedule a FREE Consultation

We are all in this together.

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