As the Director of Operational Excellence and Customer Experience with Safety Services Company for more than six years, Leah Spaulding manages third-party auditor services, process improvements, growth strategy and renewal and upsell sales departments. Leah’s consistent process improvement initiatives lead to increased efficiencies, reduced overhead cost, improved service, increased revenue and higher renewal rates. Her astute perspective and commitment to client success is paramount.

Previously, Leah worked at DHL Express, USA for 13 years where she managed the Customer Service Department for the U.S. She improved team performance resulting in the department winning a nationally recognized “Stevie Award” and contributed to the Call Center Operations department being a Certified Center of Excellence.

Proactively building business partnerships, Leah enjoys fine-tuning the complexities in the contractor/safety environment. She is a frequent attendee of the National Safety Council Annual Conference and the Campbell Institute Symposiums.