James Burwell has 20+ years of experience in developing commercial strategies and managing portfolios for large and mid-sized industrial firms. He’s traveled the world leading teams on marketing systems, innovation, new product development and customer research (VOC). As an executive leader, he’s found success in construct comprehensive market strategies and deploying them to gain market share and achieve business growth. Throughout James’ career, he’s launched more than 300 products and services in the appliances, retail fueling and safety/emergency equipment industries. 

James holds an Executive MBA from Michigan State University and an Undergraduate Degree from Western Michigan University. He has won various innovation and safety awards, including the 2021 OH&S Industrial Hygiene Award and NSC’s “Best in Show” for products launched in 2020. His professional credentials include certifications from Pragmatic Marketing, Growth Accelerators, Danaher Business Systems (DBS) and The Leadership Network (TLN, innovation).  

Favorite product/service?

“As the Vice President of Marketing and Product Development, I see the rigor that goes into our ‘Safety Connect’ Safety Management & Digital Learning Platform (LMS). Our staff of dedicated Safety Pros and OSHA compliant Content Writers have over 100 years of combined experience is keeping employees safe. Everyday, our team of professionals are reviewing standards, updating content, and improving the Digital Learning experience.”

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