Not every financial executive can provide astute financial insight and advice during challenging times. But this is part of what makes Ben Brien uniquely equipped for the Chief Financial Officer role at Safety Services. With more than 20 years of public accounting and corporate finance experience, Ben’s skill at building strong working relationships is shown through his partnership with company leaders and ownership.

Prior to Safety Services, Ben spent 3 years at finance consulting firm, MCG Resources, where he led client projects ranging from M&A seller representation to interim CFO. These consulting projects provided critical support for CFO and finance functions. Before that, he worked as a financial analyst at BioScrip where he first learned the importance of systems and processes to the success of a business.

Ben’s ability to dive into the operational details of a business, understand the complexities, and turn that information into reliable financial models are critical to the success of the company. He understands the different financial levers that can be pulled to keep a company on a growth path. Ben delivers accurate financial results, to predict and project, then follows up with figures that show what is working and what is not.

Favorite product/service?

“I’m a fan of the prequalification and compliance services we offer contractors working with hiring clients. It was a huge step to offer those services back in 2009, and it provided us first mover advantage that contributed to the growth of the company and other offerings.”

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