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Benefits of a
Comprehensive Safety Program

  • Reduce workplace accidents
  • Retain more productive & satisfied workforce
  • Lower workers’ compensation premiums
  • Easily access documentation

We had our safety inspection this a.m. and we passed with flying colors – thanks to you!

Val Dobbin - Wiltech Developments

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Safety & Compliance Training Products

Compliance Services

Online Training LMS

Make Training Delivery More Convenient and Easily Maintainable via an Online Training Learning Management System (LMS)

Getting Started with Your Safety Program

Safety Assessment

  • Hazard analysis/assessment
  • Understanding needs & practical solutions

Compliance & Training

  • Written safety policy manual
  • Safety & labor law posters
  • Safety meetings
  • Training kits


  • Evaluate safety hazards and improve program each year
  • Updates to safety training products
  • Newsletter/blog subscription