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Mike Rich

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has announced its inspection blitz schedule for the 201- 2013 fiscal year.

According to the ministry,  workplace injuries and fatalities can usually be traced to a few root causes. The Ministry of Labour’s proactive inspection blitzes on sector-specific hazards are designed to raise awareness and increase compliance with health and safety legislation.

It is the normal procedure of the ministry to announce blitzes in advanced.

The ministry tracks each sector to determine if the blitzes result in a long-lasting increase in compliance and decrease in injuries

Scheduled Blitzes are as follows

Focus Industry Date
New and Young Worker Health Care


Industrial (e.g. farming, service, logging sectors)

May – August 2012
Struck by Objects
(hazards associated with traffic control during roadwork)
Construction June 2012
Tower Cranes / Mobile Cranes
(hoisting hazards)
Construction July – August 2012
Pits and Quarries, Sand and Gravel Pits
(hazards associated with the haulage process)
Mining July 2012
Supervisory Engagement in Construction
(supervisory responsibilities / training and requirements under Section 14 Reg. 213/91)
Construction September – October 2012
(machine guarding, MSD, workplace violence)
Industrial October – November 2012
Infection Prevention and Control Healthcare October – November 2012
Underground Mining
(hazards associated with ore pass and loading pocket systems)
Mining November – December 2012
Underground Mining
(ventilation hazards)
Mining January – February 2013
Slips, Trips and Falls

(ladder safety and fall protection hazards)



February – March 2013
Workplace Violence Healthcare February – March 2013
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