Safety Services Company Awarded Construction Tech Review’s Top 10 Safety & Compliance Providers

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Safety Services Company awarded top 10 compliance solutions providers by Construction Tech Review

Top 10 Safety and Compliance Solution Providers - 2019

Safety Services Company, a leading provider of safety and compliance training products and services, is proud to be named as one of the Top 10 Safety and Compliance Solution Providers 2019 by Construction Tech Review magazine, in Safety and Compliance 2019. Construction Tech Review offers a unique platform allowing decision makers to share their insights on construction technology and vendor solutions such as Safety Services Company, news, case studies and more.

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To be granted this award, Construction Tech Review’s distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VC, Analysts, and the Editorial Board, review hundreds of technology providers and shortlist the ones at the forefront of tackling the challenges to help CIOs in choosing the right solution for their enterprise. The final 10 companies identified exhibit immeasurable knowledge and in-depth expertise in delivering innovative storage technology solutions, enhancing speed, security, and accuracy of applications. Safety Services Company is one of only 10 to make it through this process.

The construction sector is witnessing fluctuations in numerous ways. Construction Business are becoming smarter and it’s significant to recognize that technology is changing the design, procurement, and engineering operations of the construction projects. Safety and Compliance management is also essential for any business as it helps to build a company’s brand reputation.

When it comes to the protection of employees in the construction and oil and gas industries, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) must religiously maintain compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. But staying ‘OSHA legal’ is no longer enough. Organizations need to look beyond OSHA regulation compliance and create a safer standard of care to protect their employees from workplace injuries, accidents, and physical harm. Safety Services Company is a one-stop-supplier of topnotch safety and compliance products such as safety manuals, training kits, posters, online training, and safety meetings that helps construction and oil and gas businesses keep pace with the evolving OSHA regulations. As Dan Hurdle, the CEO of Safety Services Company describes it, “Unlike the other players in the safety and compliance space, we stand out in the market by addressing businesses’ and contractors’ compliance needs for both OSHA and third party auditor (TPA) platforms.” The company’s team of safety professionals, who create and update the content in its products, diligently customizes the content for a contractor to align with a customer or owner client. While the team constantly monitors the accounts of contractors on TPA platforms, Safety Services Company helps clients meet their compliance requirements with both TPAs and OSHA, saving them time and money.

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Construction Tech Review offers a unique platform allowing decision makers to share their insights on construction technology, vendor solutions, news, case studies and many more.


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