Risk management experts at a price you can afford.

There are many components to a comprehensive safety program. And each component costs money. As a business, you want to take every opportunity to protect your workers, but the reality is the price may be out of reach. With Safety Services Company, you get strategic and tactical risk management at a price you can afford.

How do we help?

We work closely with customers to analyze their safety programs and identify areas of deficiency that may lead to increased risk. Any gaps can be addressed with an action plan that includes safety training, policies, meetings, inspections, and more. We’ll walk you through the process and help you implement the new safety activities. With a clear view of safety program improvements, we’re able to tailor insurance risk assessments and work directly with providers to negotiate lower premiums.


Improve workplace safety

Reduce risk of injuries or incidents

Lower business costs

Reduce risk of fines and injuries

What’s included

Customizable for clients of all sizes, across a wide range of industries including construction, manufacturing, energy, oil & gas, telecommunications, and more.

Service components include:

Onsite safety training
Safety audits
Crew and equipment inspections
Safety committees
Safety manuals (HSE & IIPP)
EMR monitoring
Insurance (COIs & Risk Assessment)
Compliance management