Would your workplace stand up to an OSHA inspection?

Safety in the workplace takes practice, and since most OSHA inspections are unannounced it’s important to have a proactive strategy in place that includes regular evaluation of your safety program and a good understanding of OSHA requirements.

Did you know? 80% of all OSHA citations that result in fines come from employee interviews during the site inspection.

The government looks at OSHA penalties not only as a deterrent, but also as a source of revenue, so six-figure penalties are not uncommon.

Conducted by experienced EHS professionals, our mock OSHA safety inspections are a cost-effective way to address safety and compliance issues without the risk of fines or penalties.

We can help you:

Identify gaps in your safety program without the risk of citations or penalties

Create a safer work environment for employees and contractors

Lower the number of potential insurance claims, and reduce insurance costs


How it Works

Schedule Inspection

We’ll schedule an appointment to come onsite and meet with you.

Conduct Inspection

An experienced safety professional will come onsite to conduct the mock OSHA inspection.

Review Inspection Report

One of our safety advisors will review the inspection report and explain the findings.

Action Plan

We’ll make recommendations, and suggest a plan to address any gaps in your safety program.

What’s Included

Our Premium Safety Inspections Include:

Introductory meeting and discussion of training, policies, inspections, and accountability programs
In-depth review of each chapter of the safety manual
Review of loss runs
Review of sign in sheets and inspection forms
Site walk with focus on safety, compliance, and insurance issues
Employee interviews about current safety program
Review of the accountability program for employees