Inspections Help to Prepare and Prevent

Written safety documentation and processes are a great way to establish a safety program foundation. But without inspections, you’ve only documented the process, not ensured it was followed. Because a job site can change daily (even hourly) based on the work being done, workers doing the job, and machinery on site, regular job site and crew inspections are the most effective way to ensure that safety measures and regulations are consistently followed and hazards quickly identified.

Leading & Lagging Indicators

Heinrichs Safety Pyramid suggests that for every one serious accident, 29 minor injuries occur that are preceded by 300 incidents. These measurable events are also known as “lagging indicators”. If you expand this point a step further, a person may reasonably conclude that for every 300 incidents, thousands of unsafe acts or unsafe conditions occur in the workplace. These near misses are known as “leading indicators” because they are a predictor of what might happen.

Jobsite & crew inspections identify these leading indicators in the workplace so they can be addressed to prevent future incidents and injury.

How it Works

Job site and crew inspections with Safety Services Company help identify potential OSHA violations, liability issues, and risk exposure – all without the risk of citations, fines, or penalties. An OSHA authorized safety professional will conduct an unbiased on-site safety inspection reviewing tools, equipment, and hazards at a single job site. We’ll follow up with a report summary, including a plan of action to rectify any issues.

Lower Insurance Costs

Our additional “Underwriter Package” can potentially lower the number of insurance claims and reduce your insurance costs. With this service, our underwriter specialists communicate with your insurance company on your behalf, using underwriting language to share the proactive safety initiatives you’ve taken, and demonstrate positive trends as a result of these initiatives.

Why Jobsite & Crew Inspections?

Get help from experienced OSHA authorized professionals
Focus on a single site environment and crew
Receive a summary of findings along with a plan of action
Potential to lower insurance claims and reduce costs
Demonstrate to employees a proactive approach to safety