Fondomonte is a commercial farming venture wholly owned by Almarai, one of the biggest dairy companies in the Gulf region. With thousands of acres of farmland in Arizona and California, they grow alfalfa hay for cows, leading some to call the crop “ice cream in the making.”


With company management overseas, Fondomonte was eager to stay current with state, federal, and OSHA regulations. “In the United States, there is so much change and variability. On top of that, each state has its own laws and regulations as well.” states Favid Kelly, general manager of Fondomonte.


In order to stay compliant with OSHA regulations, Fondomonte audits their safety program. Starting with a baseline audit that tells them where they are in relation to OSHA compliance, they regularly assess their improvement and adherence to the changing regulations.

“Audits are essential to ensuring compliance. We can manage based on data, not conjecture. This allows us to have an accurate gap analysis and determine where we stand in relation to the standards. Are we ahead or behind? Audits give us actionable items to manage the health and safety aspect of the business.”

With a baseline established, Fondomonte focuses on the data to assess change, up or down. This is important for two reasons:

  1. It takes the emotion out of the task at hand. Even with multiplesafety professionals, relying on audits based on data means they are measuring on objective points rather than subjective points.
  2. By outsourcing the audits, Fondomonte removes the hierarchy bias that could occur if the audits were done by in-house employees.

Audits also keep the management team knowledgeable and managing the business with current standards, not standards from 4-5 years ago.

“The [Mock OSHA] audits reduce the business risk and the associated accident rate and overall cost to the company. Because the information from the audits allow us to manage based on data, we can create an accurate safety gap analysis, and then create actionable items of improvement to manage the health and safety aspect of the business.”

David Kelly, General Manager
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