Prevent Workplace Injuries with Proper Housekeeping

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Mike Rich
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Housekeeping Safety

Proper housekeeping safety is not confined to the walls of your home.

It is not something we do once a week, or only when the mess becomes an extreme inconvenience to work flow.

It is not, however, the responsibility of a single person.

Workplace housekeeping is an ongoing activity in which every member of the job force does their part to ensure a clean, clutter free work environment.

Follow these simple tips to achieve proper housekeeping in your workplace.

  • Never leave trash, garbage, or debris haphazardly around your work area. If garbage, trash, and debris must accumulate, designate a predetermined disposal area and dispose of all trash, garbage, and hazards in the designated disposal area.
  • Clean up any spills or leaks immediately to eliminate any hazard of slip, or fall injuries.
  • Keep cords or trip hazards out of aisles or walkways.
  • Dispose of any unusable parts or material that may accumulate in you work area.
  • Remove boxes and other hazards from aisles, walkways, or stairways. Never lock of block exits.
  • Watch out for accumulation of fire hazards such as greasy rags, chemicals, and electrical hazards.
  • Store and dispose of flammables or hazardous chemicals properly.
  • Never leave hazards exposed. If necessary provide barriers, signs, and warnings.
  • Ensure that all machine and equipment guards are in place and secure.
  • Keep tool boxes and tool cribs neat, clean, and orderly.
  • Keep storage areas clean and organized.
  • Never leave sharp tools unattended or sharp edges exposed.
  • Immediately clean up any glass, nails, or other laceration/puncture hazards.
  • Guard floor holes must by a cover, grating, guardrail, or equivalent on all sides except at the entrance to stairways or ladders.
  • Install toe boards around the edges of a permanent floor opening.

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