OSHA Launches Heat Illness Prevention Program

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Mike Rich

To help protect employees from the summer heat Safety Services Company is offering $50 off its heat illness prevention training program for the entire month of May.

The offer is in direct response to OSHA’s Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Dr. David Michaels announcement Monday, May 7 of the launch of a nationwide heat illness prevention campaign.

“Each year more than 4,000 workers experience a heat related illness, that if not spotted could turn into a fatal heat stroke,” Michaels said. “It is essential for workers and employers to take proactive steps to stay safe in extreme heat, and become aware of symptoms of heat exhaustion before they get worse.”

Agriculture workers; building, road and other construction workers; utility workers; baggage handlers; roofers; landscapers; and others who work outside are all at risk.

Employees in these professions perform labor-intensive activities in hot weather can raise body temperatures beyond the level that normally can be cooled by sweating. Heat illness initially may manifest as heat rash or heat cramps, but quickly can become heat exhaustion and then heat stroke if simple prevention steps are not followed.

“For outdoor workers, ‘water, rest and shade’ are three words that can make the difference between life and death,” Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis said. “If employers take reasonable precautions, and look out for their workers, we can beat the heat.”

OSHA’s 2012 heat illness campaign is a follow up to a similar campaign ran by the federal safety organization in 2011.

Currently OSHA does not have a specific standard in place mandating training on heat illness prevention; however, the organization has cited companies in the past under the general duty clause.

This clause allows the agency to cite an employer for a failure to address any workplace hazard.

For more information on our heat illness prevention program call 877-397-9450.

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