Justin Bilodeau’s steadfast adherence to process and customer needs makes him a natural fit as the Head of Product Fulfillment for Safety Services. In the Product Fulfillment role, Justin is responsible for the creation and distribution of safety manuals and other safety products, and coordinating customer compliance with regulatory and prequalification needs.

Justin’s journey from a client services to product fulfilment leadership speaks to his focus on ensuring customers have the tools needed to be compliant and safe. Prior to Safety Services, Justin worked at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona where he supported a positive customer experience.

Leading by example, Justin’s staunch focus on customer experience has passed on to his team members. His leadership style has raised the expectations of his teams and delivered results through satisfied and safe customer.

Favorite product/service?

“I’m a little partial to the prequalification and compliance maintenance service. There’s the time (and money) benefit to the customer, but because our customers have a single point of contact, there is a satisfaction in building the relationship to the point where we can anticipate the needs before the customer can.”

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