Cassie Spaulding keeps an eye on finding value in processes and cutting out the waste. This is of critical importance for customers that need a partner to help them address safety gaps. As the Senior Director of Operations for Safety Services, Cassie is responsible for driving organizational change in support of company initiatives. Her contributions have been central to establishing operational excellence within the company culture and driving home the benefit of the products and services.

Cassie’s previous leadership experience within well-known brands like DHL and roots in customer service have shaped her passion for process improvement. At DHL, she led a customer care team focused on customer retention and loyalty. In her first role with Safety Services, she transferred that expertise to build the company brand and reputation through customer retention programs.

With a natural ability to build consensus, she’s instrumental in leading and connecting internal teams to ensure efficiencies in product development and product life cycle maintenance.

Favorite product/service:

“When it comes to safety, I’m driven by the knowledge that safety regulations exist because of a cost to others. This knowledge drives my excitement for Safety Services’ onsite services. With onsite services, we’re with the customer and making a direct impact to what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.”

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